Wine Startups

Over the last three years, 13 Wine StartUps have been launched in Bordeaux, France. In this world famous vineyard, the Wine StartUps rely on digital technologies to disrupt the Wine Industry, worldwide. They build and offer great services, B2B or B2C oriented.

Bordeaux is world famous for the outstanding quality of its Wines. Bordeaux gathers every two years the Wine Professionals during Vinexpo, the greatest Wine Show in the world. The Wine StartUps have the ambition to make Bordeaux « the place to be » when you have an interest in the wine digital business, wherever you are from.

The Wine StartUps have decided to join their forces to foster innovation in their field, to promote their activities and to attract talented people.

On June 18th, 2013, the Wine StartUps will hold their Launching Event during Vinexpo. They are supported by the professional social network Viadeo whose CEO will address a speech.

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